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One Weekend in London_JE Parker_ebook UPLOAD.jpg

A Billionaire, Runaway Bride Romance Novella

From the ashes of heartbreak rises fiery desire.

I’m the runaway bride everyone in my small town is whispering about. Betrayed after I caught my ex-fiancé in a compromising position with my former best friend, I escape to London in the hope it might help me forget.

But it seems fate has plans of its own.

Like a knight in a custom-tailored suit, Rhys Kensington emerges, sweeping into my life and saving me when I least expect it. The British billionaire’s possessive touch is addictive, the accented words he whispers in my ear intoxicating. With each passing moment, he draws this Southern belle closer.

And shatters the walls guarding my broken heart.

Yet as the hours of this weekend tick by, our burning passion clashes with the ghosts of my past. Can we find our happily ever after when time is against us and every touch might be our last...

Or is one weekend in London all we’ll ever share?

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