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January 2022 Release Update!

Well, it's official...

Alejandro & Ari's story is coming, y'all!

On March 30th, Falling for the Enemy, book one of my new series, When Villains Fall, will be released onto Amazon and straight into Kindle Unlimited. To preorder your copy now, follow the links below!

★ Falling for the Enemy Blurb ★

Falling for the enemy will lead to my ruin.

My name is Arianna Ivanova, and the city of Charleston belongs to me. Both ruthless and cunning, I rule all that is mine with an iron fist. Anyone foolish enough to challenge me dies by my hand.

That changes, however, when he walks into my life.

Alejandro Santiago is the curveball I never saw coming. Like another who came before him, the powerful kingpin, whose sculpted body I crave to conquer one delicious inch at a time, desires what he can’t have.

My territory and submission.

To protect myself, I should quickly end him. The problem is, I’ve been completely dead inside, filled with nothing but numbness, since I was a child.

And when in the arms of the enemy, I feel.

Regardless, I need to remember that Alejandro is the male version of myself: merciless and calculating. If I don’t, he may steal what I locked away long ago. The one thing that will ensure my downfall, destroying me completely.

My cold, black heart.

Author's Note:

Falling for the Enemy is an explosive enemies-to-lovers mafia romance featuring a fearless Bratva queen and a possessive Colombian kingpin who mix like fire and gasoline. FFTE is book one in the When Villains Fall series. However, it CAN be read as a standalone and does NOT end on a cliffhanger.

★ Preorder Now ★

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★ Other Important Dates ★

Ebook/Paperback Cover Reveal: March 2nd

Alternative Paperback Reveal: March 15th

ARC Delivery Date: March 18th

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