His to Keep (Love at Toluca High #1)


He once loved me. Now he lives to torment me.

Navigating my senior year with a target on my back is hard enough. But knowing that it was Zane Adams, star quarterback, merciless bully, and my 𝘦𝘹 best-friend, who placed it there makes things a hundred times worse. ⁣

And it’s all my fault. ⁣

The summer before our freshman year, I broke a promise and betrayed him, destroying life as he knew it. It’s a mistake I’ve been paying for with blood and tears ever since. But with graduation approaching, my time in Hell is winding down. ⁣

At least, that’s my hope. ⁣
Little do I know, Zane has no plans to let me go. ⁣
According to him, I’m his to taunt, his to torture. ⁣
And whether I like it or not, I'm his to keep. ⁣

Note: His to Keep is a full-length, standalone high school bully romance. Due to mature content and dark themes, it is recommended for mature readers (18+) only.