The Redeeming Love Series
Every Moment with You (Book One)

Two broken hearts. One second chance.
I've been in love with Hendrix Cole since I was a little girl.
We shared our dreams. Our fears. Planned our future together. 
He was mine... But then he broke my heart.
For six years, I haven't been the same. What he took from me, I can never get back. 
Now, he swears he never meant to hurt me.
He begs me for a second chance but I have to stay strong.
Losing him once almost destroyed me. 
No matter how much my heart wants him, I know the truth. 
That truth? I won't survive losing Hendrix Cole a second time. 
I've been in love with Maddie Davis since I was a boy.
She was my fiancé. My safe haven. My everything.
I'd die before I let anyone hurt her. 
Six years ago, I protected her from harm by breaking her heart.
Now, I have a second chance.  
This time, I won't screw it up. 
I'll tell her the truth about why I walked away. 
She has to forgive me.
Maddie is mine. Always has been. Always will be.

Every Moment with You is a standalone, 106k word novel. 

Warning: Contains triggers that may be disturbing to some readers.

Every Breath You Take (Book Two)

Two damaged souls. One chance for salvation. 
I'm surrounded by darkness. 
The scars marring my flesh are a reminder of the hell I've survived.
Since escaping my past I've become stronger, more hardened.

I've built walls to protect myself, refusing to allow anyone to see the real me. 
But then came Anthony.
He makes me want again... makes me feel again.
He swears he wants a future with me but I know better. 
His infatuation with me? It won't last.
He'll run the moment he sees how damaged, how broken, how tainted I am.
Falling for him would be a mistake. 
The sweetest mistake I could ever make. 

I've lived in the darkness for far too long. 
I've seen the true depths of human nature. I fight against it every day.
Some might call me jaded - they don't have a clue.
But then came Shelby.
In an instant, she became the light in my world. 

She's my hope. My purpose.

But she's terrified of something - or someone - from her past. 
She shouldn't be. I'll die before I let someone hurt her or her son.
I'll do anything for them.
Anything except leave.
No matter how hard she tries to push me away.

Every Breath You Take is a standalone, 123k word novel. 

Warning: Book contains triggers that may be disturbing to some readers.

Every Promise You Made

Two shattered lives. One final vow.

Growing up, I had everything.
A loving big brother, a great family and a happy life.
But then it all changed. Now my entire world is shattered.
The only thing that still makes sense is how I feel about Evan.
I love him more than anything, but it's not enough anymore.
I'm tired of chasing after him. Tired of being held at arm's length.
I can't live like this any longer.
Walking away will destroy me.
Yet what other choice do I have?

Growing up, my best friend's sister was always around.
I took care of her, I protected her. She was my friend too.
Then one night she became more. So much more.
But then all hell broke loose.
I screwed up. I became the reason for her pain.
My mistake ruined everything.
Afraid of destroying what we have left, I keep her at arm's length.
Fed up with my distance, she's ready to end it all.
That can't happen.
It's time to face facts... Hope is mine.

Every Promise You Made is a full length, 117k word novel.